Reminder Notes and the timeslot arrangement of presentations


(Updated on 31st May 2018)

Please download the document here.


For presenters, please be noted that:

1. Since it takes time for publishing, there would be NO further amendment can be made in the hardcopies of the conference proceeding booklet.

2. The Organizing Committee would presume that you would present your paper in the language your submitted your title and abstract, e.g. if you submitted the title and abstract of your paper in English, we would presume you will present your paper in English, and vice-versa. However, if you opt for different medium of presentation, please let us know.

3. Please remember the code assigned to your abstract under each theme, such as 1.2, 3.5, 10.8, etc in appendix 1 and check the timeslot arrangement of your presentation with this code in appendix 2.

4. Please carefully check the name(s) and organization(s) of the​ abstract author(s) and also your abstract title. If there is anything you would like to notify us, please contact us at so that we can update the softcopies of the programme.