Pre-conference School Visit Tour [Update!!!]

*** [NEW !!] Updated to 20180706 ***


Please feel free to down the photos of school visit tour HERE 



Please click HERE to download the participant list for each route.

School visit tour is on a first-come-first-served basis and the choice of route will be subject to the Organizing Committee’s final decision.


There are three pre-conference school visit routes.

Pedagogy: Drama in Chinese as a Second Language Education (DiCSL)

Pedagogy: Reading to Learn (R2L)

Pedagogy: mLang (mobile technology-assisted language learning)


The following map indicates the gathering place of 3 different routes.

The participant will receive an email for details of school visit tour, including the gathering place, time and a brief rundown, you may also down the guidelines in the links below.

- Route 1

- Route 2

- Route 3