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Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER) is formally established in July 2004 in the University of Hong Kong to capitalize on collaborative networks on Chinese Language education and further advance the research on this area. It was built upon a solid foundation of the CMI Project (which is publicized and known to the public as the “Support Centre for Teachers Using Chinese as the Medium of Instruction), Dragonwise Project and a lot of Chinese Language Education Projects. With sponsorship from Language Fund and Quality Education Fund, these projects have already established a close connection with primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and extensive research collaboration networks with institutions and education bureaus in the Mainland. Besides, they have built a strong reputation for offering targeted support and resources on effective pedagogy in language education, teaching using CMI, using information technology in the teaching and learning of Chinese as well as developing theoretical perspectives related to the teaching and learning of Chinese for students and teachers.


The organizational mission of the CACLER is to promote and advance the scientific study of Chinese Language education theory and practice by conducting sustained, cross-disciplinary collaborative research pertaining to the teaching and learning of Chinese and other topics of cultural, psychological and/or general interest to practitioners and researchers working in the field of Chinese Language teaching and learning. The Centre’s primary goal is to play a leading role in continuously enhancing the quality of Chinese Language educational provision locally, regionally and internationally.



當選成員 (22/2/2023 - 21/2/2025)

  • Dr LIN, Chin-Hsi


  • Dr. Cheung, Wai Ming

    Deputy Director

  • Dr Cheong, Choo Mui

  • Dr. Tai Chung Pui


  • Ms. Poon, Wan Man Ada

  • Ms. Yen, Miao-ju Louisa


教育學院副院長/助理院長 [負責學院轄下之研究中心]